Are you looking to add warmth and life to your office with indoor plants, Interior plant maintenance service, plant rental, plant design and living art?

  • “Extremely pleased with the staff, pricing and arrangements.” Janice Peters

Emerald Coast Plantscapes is your local interior landscape company offering plant rental, plant design, indoor plant service and fresh and innovative products like…

 Plants so healthy and bright you’ll wonder if they are real!

 Easy Interior plant rental packages

 One of a kind Moss wall art

 Innovative acoustic solutions

 And our exclusive 9-Step Interior Plant Maintenance Service that eliminates all the hassle and worry of indoor plant care.  

And with these special offers:

Personalized complementary interior plant plan and quote
Up to $250.00 in Free Plants!


 Our Promise

 To bring warmth and life to your office with friendly professional interior plant maintenance people you can count on to keep your plants alive and healthy or

We pay for new plant replacements. Guaranteed.

We’re Ready To Help You  ™

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Located in Thousand Oaks, CA Serving the plant needs for offices, buildings and businesses in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties Since 2002.
Interior Plant Service, plant rental, plant watering service, plant mainteance
We are Kevin and Beth Urquhart. We started this business and developed the 9-Step Plant Care System so you can simply enjoy your plants without the hassle and worry. Click Here to See Our Story

What People are Saying

“Everyone in the office is uplifted from the warmth and beauty of the new plants and design-

We love the enthusiasm from Kevin and the Emerald Coast staff. Thank you so much!” Janice Case, H.E.M. Law Firm, Thousand Oaks

Scroll down to see our work – learn about Special Offers – And the Products Service and Science that make for a better work life.
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Moss Wall Art. Each piece is custom sized and hand build creating one of a kind botanical art and Biophilic design



And of course amazing plants!


Already have plants? No Problem!

We will assume responsibility for the care of your existing indoor plants too!

Why? -Because we want you to  

Unique Plants, Plant Rental, Plant Service

“First class. The staff are all extremely knowledgeable, they understood my wants/needs and continue to service those wants/needs with the utmost professionalism. I highly recommend Emerald Coast Plantscapes without hesitation for your interior plant design and maintenance needs.” -Adam Goldstein, 9 Realty. Plant service Agoura Hills


Have you given up on creating a work space you love? 

  • Have you ever wasted your time and money on interior office plants only to see them become slightly more than dust collecting eye sores?
  • Or wonder who will care for the plants, or how to care for the office plants?
  • Did you Put up with water damage, bad odors and annoying gnats?
We’ll transform your cold and sterile building or office with the life, beauty and well-being of live interior plants. And botanical art without the disappointment. 

Now with Emerald Coast Plantscapes it couldn’t be easier.

“I was referred to Emerald Coast Plantscapes by a client who had great things to say about their Plantscapes and work ethic.
I was extremely pleased with the staff, pricing and arrangements.
Kevin was creative and flexible in helping me achieve my vision.
Their trees are healthy and installation is taken with exceptional care so I don’t have to worry about any problems.
I definitely recommend Emerald Coast Plantscapes.” -Janice Peters. Newbury Park

Contact us at 866-480-9141 and Receive

  • a complimentary personalized plant plan that is custom designed to meet your goals, style and budget. (a $150 value)
  • Professional Installation  -Means No Problems
  • And our exclusive 9 Step Plant Care System -Means Always Beautiful Plants

-And results like these:

What is your return on investment?
Imagine what a healthier happier work environment would mean in the way of less sick days and a *15% increase in productivity. Can you see how this could possibly enhance not only your office but your bottom line too?
The boost in morale and productivity outweighs the cost of plant service.
*Lead researcher Marlon Nieuwenhuis, from Cardiff University's School of Psychology, said: "Our research suggests that investing in landscaping the office interior with plants will pay off through an increase in office workers' quality of life and productivity. Researchers found enriching a 'lean' office with plants could increase productivity by 15%. source:

Where would you rather to work?

interior plant service, office plant rentals, plant rental service, indoor plants
The EPA reports that poor indoor air quality is one of the top risks to public health with indoor levels of pollution between two and five times greater than outdoor levels.


Happy Office Plants for Happy Employees
Potted plants and their soil clean toxins and other pollutants from indoor air and adjust humidity levels naturally reducing respiratory irritations resulting in healthier work environments and less illnesses as reported by Dr. Wolverton, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) The University of Minnesota and other scientific studies.


This is why we work so hard to make interior plants and service for your business -so easy -so affordable and -so reliable.

Plant rental, plant service, office plant
Daniel and Jen lovingly caring for your green friends using the 9-Step Plant Care System


Office Plant Care, Plant Service, Interior Plant Design
Lisa doing what she loves!

 Featured or appeared in

Architectural Digest for Janet Jackson -People Magazine for Will Smith -Westlake Malibu Lifestyle for Kym and Jerry Douglas



What if all of this was incredibly Easy and Affordable?

                                           It Is!

When you Schedule your complimentary visit with us and receive your free personalized interior plant plan (a $150 Value) Just Call 866-480-9141 


 For a limited time receive up to $250.00 in free plants! YES! $250.00! When you subscribe to our regularly scheduled interior plant maintenance.
We Come To YOU
We’ll take a few moments (or more if you like) to get your input and understand your desires, needs and goals.
From there, we do all of the work for you –
giving you the confidence and ease,  knowing your interior plantscape is done right.

We Will:

1.Take environmental readings (lighting, temperature, traffic, layout and usage)
2. Style considerations ( décor, color pallet, theme, your branding,)
3. And develop a custom interior plant plan
Your plant plan includes:

 Detailed Plant location specifications

 Plant size and variety specifications.

 Container size, style and Color specifications detailed for each and every plant.

 Visual references for the plants and containers

 Plus a description of how the interior plantscape meets your needs.


  • We source all of the specimen plants for you from top growers in Florida and the Hawaiian Islands.
  • Expertly hand select each plant for you (ensuring the right shape, size and vibrancy)
  • Professionally deliver, arrange and install all of the plants for you. (avoiding the risk of water damage, surface damage, bad odors and gnats)
  • And schedule regular interior plant maintenance service.  

All this is backed by our exclusive 9-Step Plant Care System


Our Promise

 friendly professional interior plant maintenance people you can count on to keep your plants alive and healthy or we pay for new plant replacements. Guaranteed.

There is no obligation and nothing to loose.  
In fact we are so serious about helping you Thrive at work -if you feel we are not the right company for you
We will happily refer you to a competitor!
Why? Because we truly want you to  ™
So take advantage of your free no obligation quote and consultation.
Plus receive up to $250.00 in free plants when you subscribe to our regularly scheduled plant care service.
Hurry this offer is limited. Just mention SPECIAL OFFER (WS)
When you call 866-480-9141 Today Or fill out the Contact Form Below
“My only disappointment is I didn’t call you sooner. The plants look fantastic!” Sandy K. plants and service Calabasas

                You just might wonder why YOU didn’t call us sooner!

We give it all we’ve got to make you happy but We’re Not Perfect. See
“Oops! We Messed Up”  and  “Unlike Other Plant Companies”
Helping our local community Thrive by Supporting families and individuals through 

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You might be wonder: What type of plants will do best in my office? Where should we place the plants?  What plants will live in artificial light? What if I don’t have a green thumb?   See what our customers are saying

About how we deliver the creative beauty, warmth and prestige of interior plants. And with many years of interior design and horticultural knowledge and experience you can count on an interior plant design that is creative and coordinated to fit your style, and budget.





















































Thrive at work:

Means; To help you feel and work in a better state of mind and body by meeting your need for nature in the workplace. This is accomplished using live plants and botanical art. The plants and art are used to enhance the visual appeal of the building and to naturally remove harmful toxins improving the indoor air quality.  Furthermore, the plants and innovative soundboards that look like standard art but absorbed excess sound and eco improve the acoustics. The plants are accompanied by professional interior plant care allowing you to concentrate on your work while enjoying the benefits of the plants.


Rent your plants: The alternative to purchasing your plants it to rent your plants. Under this arrangement you do not own the plants and you have a lower upfront cost. The plant company also maintains the plants for you. This typically includes the rental and service of the plants and containers. Optionally, you can purchase the pots and rent the plants.

indoor plant service: The regular care and nurturing of live plants inside of the build environment.

indoor plant care services near me: Same as indoor plant service but geographically located within 50 miles from Thousand Oaks.

interior plant maintenance contract: The agreement between client and an indoor plant company to provide interior plant maintenance for a facility.

indoor plant service los Angeles: The same as indoor plant service but it is specifically interior plant service within the geographic area of Los Angeles county.

office plant services near me: The care and maintenance of indoor plants for an office located within 50 miles of Thousand Oaks.

indoor plant maintenance services near me: See indoor plant care services near me.

indoor plant company: A professional company dedicated to the design, installation and maintenance of indoor landscapes.

residential indoor plant service: Interior plant service performed in a private home or any residence.

Indoor or interior landscape: The use of plants, water features and other natural elements inside of a building or house.

Interior landscaping: The designing, installation and maintenance of an indoor landscape.

Commercial interior plant service:

Plant watering service:

Indoor plant watering:







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