5 of The Best and Easiest Plants for an Office

By Kevin Urquhart

Keeping indoor office plants flourishing in less than ideal conditions isn’t always easy.

Here is my selection of the 5 best plants for an office based on their availability, hardiness and ease of care.

I’m also including light and water recommendations for easy office plants. You will find these plants can grow in an office with no natural light. This means the plants will need to absorb artificial light. If you have florescent lights in your office this is good news for plants. florescent light gives the necessary light rays that plants need to photosynthesize and grow.

Most plants grow just fine with bright indirect natural light. However, some variety of indoor plants can handle lower light and other plants can handle some direct sunlight. Light levels listed here for each of the indoor plants is based on their lower light tolerance.


If you need more help with the selection and care of plants for an office or building go to ecplants.com You’ll find information, special offers and more.