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Indoor plant rental has never been easer or more affordable

The simplest and easiest way to a happier work environment. We bring live lush plants and service right to your office so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Making it easy and affordable to rent your office plants that add the warmth and life your office is missing. Just give us a call and we promise to do our part to help you save time, frustration and money, giving you the confidence of a job done right.

Cost and Time effective: Professionally installed Interior office plants are the inexpensive way to create warmth, texture, and color, making any business more attractive and luxurious. Add Emerald Coast Plantscapes’ professional interior plant service (included with plant rentals for offices) and be assured of always beautiful plants without the worry so you can concentrate on your work.

  ECP is a locally and family owned interior office plant company servicing exclusive areas of Los Angeles and Ventura counties.  Because we care, live, and work in the local community we are extremely dedicated your satisfaction with our indoor plants and services.    Kevin Urquhart/owner 

 Testimonials and Case Studies will give you an idea of how we work and what to expect from Emerald Coast Plantscapes.

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What does your business look like? How does it feel? What does it communicate?

How Indoor Plant Rentals Work
78% of consumers and workplace employees believe that indoor office plants are an important part of the business experience. Additionally, office plants clean indoor air and remove toxins found in office buildings. Studies have proven that interior plants can also improve our moods, morale and creativity. Research consistently proves that the right indoor office plants have a positive effect on the bottom line.

Learn the Emerald Coast Difference  From the first impression of the reception area to plants in the offices, conference rooms and work areas,Emerald Coast Plantscapes interior plant rental service for businesses adds the perfect finishing touch to your office or building. We use live and artificial plants,to add life and color to empty corners and office walls to deliver new sights and uncompromising plant service for your team and customers to enjoy.

You’ll enjoy regular consistent indoor plant maintenance with the security of knowing that all of your office plants will be properly cared for. Plus, you will be receiving only the highest grade of stunningly beautiful interior plants that communicate your demand for excellence and service. All this adds up to a competitive advantage that shows your customers and team members you care and they can be assured of doing business with your company.

 Corporate and professional offices turn to Emerald Coast for Plant Rentals when                                                    

They want to enjoy the image, beauty and benefits of interior office plants without the hassle and worry.

Frustrated that their current plant rental service company is not doing what was promised when it was “sold” to them.

 They are continually embarrassed by the image projected by the condition of their indoor office plants.

 They’ve had it with plant maintenance technicians who are poorly trained, unreliable, and constantly turning over.

 Time has been wasted chasing down the plant maintenance provider when they have other work to do.

 Seeking a competitive advantage by offering the finest interior plants and service that shows your customers and team members you care and they can be assured of doing business with your company.

We can deliver your interior plantscape solution in many different ways, including plant rental, purchase or lease of new interior plants with fail-safe plant care service. We can also guarantee the performance of any existing office plants you might have under our interior plant care program.

We offer one of the widest selections of indoor plantscape solutions for businesses in the industry. Let us partner with you to translate your business or brand into a *biophilic experience that will connect with your team and target customers. (*Biophilia: Human’s innate desire to connect with nature.)  

 Going the extra mile to ensure your indoor plants are the healthiest and longest lasting for your office or place of business. We use only hand selected, specimen grade indoor plants that are grown and acclimated specifically for interior landscape applications. Additionally, each plant is inspected for its health and vitality before delivery, assuring your indoor plants from Emerald Coast Plantscapes are disease and pest free.

Plant Lease or Purchase Flexible interior plant leasing and plant purchase programs make it easy for you to bring the outdoors in and start enjoying the air purifying benefits of tropical plants for your home or office. Our indoor plant maintenance is backed by our free plant replacement guarantee.

Greenz to go is our easy and affordable interior office plant lease package. It includes lush air purifying plants, decorative planters and guaranteed indoor plant maintenance. All for one low monthly price. plus month to month terms, NO long term contract. 

See how easy and affordable it is to enjoy the benefits of interior plants and plant service from Emerald Coast Plantscapes

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In addition to live interior landscape plants and service, we also carry and make Silk (artificial, replica, Permanent botanical) plants, trees and Floral arrangements, and offer a large variety of decorative planters, pots, site furnishings and accessories to match any style and budget.  We also create indoor living walls (vertical gardens).

See how easy and affordable it is to enjoy the benefits of interior plants and plant service from Emerald Coast Plantscapes


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Emerald Coast Plantscapes provides interior landscapes, decor and service to the heart of southern California. Plant maintenance and plant design from Santa Barbara to Marina Del Ray and from the coastline of Malibu to the San Fernando Valley and Santa Clarita valley, Including interior plant service and plant maintenance in Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Malibu, Calabasas, Chatsworth, Encino, Camarillo, Moorpark, Simi Valley, West Valley, Valencia, Van Nuys, Oxnard, Ventura, Los Angles, Sherman Oaks, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Studio City, Burbank and the surrounding areas.

We make it easy and fun to enjoy the benefits on indoor plants and carefree plant service. Call today 

We are a local, family owned plant company providing service to exclusive areas of Los Angeles and Ventura counties only.

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Plant Maintenance, Sales & Plant Leasing

Our team of indoor plant specialists create environments that bring to life beauty and a sense of well being that stimulates creativity and makes your staff and customers feel great. Imagine all this knowing that your indoor office plants will always look wonderful without the concern or the distraction of worrying about the interior plant care.

Indoor Plant Service and maintenance

Providing indoor plant service and maintenance in Los Angeles and Ventura counties. We provide interior plant décor service with creative and expert placement of interior tropical plants and decorative containers designed to enhance your image and atmosphere. We do more then just plant watering. We are indoor plant professionals; After your plants are delivered and installed our team of trained horticulture technicians provide consistent quality indoor plant maintenance with a passion for what they do. To keep your indoor plants looking their healthiest we provide plant watering and a whole lot more. With each interior plant maintenance visit you can expect us to: Fertilize, dust, clean, trim out old or dead foliage, shape and rotate plants for best posture, make sure all the indoor plants have proper water protection, look well cared for and of course plant watering too!