New Plants and Service

New interior plants and serviceWe provide new interior plants, plant service and plant design for your office, building or business.

-If Your office or building feels empty and lifeless…

-And you want the life, warmth and comfort of live interior plants…

-Or you don’t have the time…

-You need an Expert?

We can help-

With new interior Plants, Service and Design.

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The Plants:

The plants that bring much needed life and nature to your office and building

Are not your typical “Home Store” plants.

All of the specimen plants delivered to your office or building are grown and acclimated specifically for the interior landscape industry.        

This means they are hardy and acclimated for use in offices and buildings. 

The superior interior plants that we use come from the finest growers in the Hawaiian Islands, South Florida and California.

Each plant that is deliver to you has been hand select by us. We do this to ensure each plant is the right shape and size for your space. And before we bring you the plants we inspected each one for health and vibrancy so you are assured of reviving the very best plants available.  

All  imported plants are inspected by the State of California Agriculture Department. And certified to be disease and insect free. 

The Service:

With 30 years of expertise we discovered the secret to making plant maintenance and office plant rental and service easy, convenient and hassle free.

It’s all in the processes: First we complete a thorough evaluation and plant design for you.Plant Lady, Plant watering service, plant maintiance, interior plants, office plant

Then we create an interior plantscape suited for your particular environment, style and budget.

From there we transform your cold and sterile building or office with the Life, Beauty, and Well-being of Live Interior Plants.

And the best part?

You don’t have to be an expert!

Because We’re More Than a Plant Watering Service…

We developed

The 9-Step Interior Plant Care System

So you can simply enjoy your new interior office plants.

-No Hassles

-No Worries

-Just lush green plants

-Eye-popping flowers

-Reduced stress

-Healthier and more comfortable work environment

Finally freeing you from that empty office feel and the problems associated with indoor plant care.

And 3 decades of creative interior landscape design assures you of a plant display that’s certain to satisfy your inner need for nature.

No empty promises here. We stand behind our promises with written guarantees and real costumer reviews. 

90 Day Plant Selection Satisfaction Guarantee.

Work with your new plants for 90 days. If you are not 100% satisfied with a new interior plant that we provide and service; we replace it with one you’ll love!

30-Day Risk Free Interior Plant Service Guarantee.

 If you are not 100% thrilled, Cancel the service within the first 30 days to receive a refund equal to the full month of service.

And results like these-

Interior Plant Service Review

“We hired Emerald Coast Plantscapes to add “Some Life” to our office.

From the set-up to the weekly service everyone is very professional and provides excellent service.

If and when a plant needs replacing it is done immediately.

Renzo is really nice and takes good care of our plants. I highly recommend Emerald Coast Plantscapes.”

Joe F.  Thousand Oaks, CA 

” I am extremely pleased with the staff, pricing and arrangements.

They were creative and flexible in helping me achieve my vision.

The trees are healthy and installation is taken with exceptional care so I don’t have to worry about any problems.”

Janice Peters Newbury Park, CA 

And plants like these-

You’re just 3 steps away from…

The Comfort… The Service… and… The Office you deserve-

  1. We meet with you to create a plant plan and design
  2. Install your new interior plantscape
  3. Schedule regular office plant care and maintenance.

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Our Promise…

Friendly professional interior plant maintenance people you can count on to keep your plants alive and healthy or we pay for new plant replacements. Guaranteed.


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