After a bad experience Kevin and Beth Urquhart founded Emerald Coast Plantscapes in March of 2002

We’re Kevin and Beth. “We were so embarrassed when people wanted to sign up for the plant care service that we couldn’t take it any longer.”

Like you, we appreciate and understand the need for great customer service. That’s why we started this business. To bring you the best in interior plant service and design.

More than 18 years ago, I (Kevin) was working for another plant company. I love designing and delivering interior plantscapes for people. It gives me tremendous satisfaction and pride when I see the smiles on everyone’s faces, how happy they are and how dramality the plants change the mood in the office.


Here’s the problem. When I was working for that other company people wanted to sign up for the plant service to keep their beautiful new plants looking great all the time. When that happened, I cringed, feeling discouraged and embarrassed for the customer because of the poor service they would receive.

This is when we decided to take matters into our own hands and start Emerald Coast Plantscapes.

True, many plant companies can install beautiful new Plantscapes. Of course, they look great when they are new.

You expect or at least hope they stay looking that way if you pay for the service, Right?  -Well, what If the plant care people are inadequately trained, your beautiful plants are dying, and the company doesn’t respond to your issues? Can you Imagine how frustrated and disappointed you would feel?

No More! Thankfully, we now have more control over how our customers are treated and the quality of products and service they receive.

But how could we grow and keep our clients satisfied?

I love working with plants to this day. Apparently, I have a knack for keeping plants attractive and healthy.

As the demand for our services grew, I knew I needed to take on some help. I was and am determined not to make the same mistakes I saw other plant companies making.

For starters we only hire people that love caring for plants. At first, I personally trained each new hire for several weeks, even months and followed up with ongoing education and coaching.

I thought; How can I train our plant care people to have that same “knack for plants” and deliver consistent, excellent plant maintenance? Then I had this brilliant idea to formalize my plant care process -And, The 9-Step Plant Care System was born!

Now, every new hire (no matter how much experience they have) are trained in the field for several weeks under a senior plant care technician and taught “The 9-Steps” and are required to follow them on every account and every plant, every time.

Results? Consistent quality service no matter who we send to care for your indoor plants and very happy customers!

Oh, If I may brag a bit here. Most of our plant care technicians have several years of experience. They are ALL really nice people that want to see you happy. And I’m happy to announce that our employee turnover rate is far, far below the industry norms.

As for our customers? Many that started with us over 17 years ago are still with us today! Clients regularly tell me how happy they are with their “Plant Person” For Example: “Renzo is great! Everything looks so much better since he came to care for our office plants” Wendy L. Marks and Associates, Calabasas, CA

It seems our customers really appreciate this attitude, knowledge and ability to deliver high performance beauty in the workplace. Making us one of Southern California’s leading interior plant service, maintenance and design companies.

However, Nobody’s perfect. See our “Oops! We Messed Up” page. We share some of our blunders and how we respond to them.

Look through the rest of the home page: See Our Work and learn about the Products, Services and Science that helps you Thrive at Work!

If you think we might be able to help, give us call. You will find a contact form at the bottom of the Home page,  Special Offers and how we help our community Thrive through charitable organizations.

                “That’s our story and we’re sticking with it”

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