Interior Plant Service Pricing

How much does indoor plant service cost

Each plant is given a dollar amount for service. for example, a 6’ plant might have a service amount of $10 per month. A 6” tabletop plant might have a service amount of $2 per month.

Indoor plant service prices can vary based several factors such as: The number of plants to be serviced, the size of the plants, and the type of plants.

When shopping for office plants you will notice prices for plants of the same size can have different prices. This is because some varieties of plants for indoor grow much slower than other varieties. The slower growing plants cost more and the faster easer plants to grow are less expensive. 

Before receiving a plant service proposal-

Check-out our simple interior plant service Cost Estimator Tool.

(Please send the contact form to request your free cost estimator tool. The download link is being developed.) 

A quick glance at our plant service cost estimator will give you a good idea how much plant services for your office or building will coast.

Grab your free Plant Service Price Estimator here.

Example of Plant Service Cost:
An office like this one with 12 plants will cost about $95 per month for plant service.

This includes The Plants, The Service, Free Plant Replacements and Periodic Quality Evaluations by a supervisor,   

Find out how much plant service your office or building  cost.
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