The Secret

The Best Plant Service Comes From The Best People

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Pictured above are some of the people that the unsolicited testimonials you see on this site are written about.

We humbly receive notes and comments about our interior plant care technicians like these on a regular basis.

Each one of them works hard every day to put a smile on your face. They love plants and creating and maintaining beautiful environments that are more people friendly, productive and profitable.

Emerald Coast Plantscapes interior plant service company was started over a decade ago with the intention to…

Bring the best indoor plant service to our customers

Make it easy to enjoy the plants 

Allow you to focus on your mission, goals and work, with one less thing to worry about.

(We Get It!) Our interior plant team gets it too and delivers the best plants and service every day.

The second part of our secret? Our customers.

Simply put, they are awesome!

Our customers are the type of people that enjoy and understand the value of an aesthetically pleasing office environment. They know the life, warmth and feeling of prosperity that proper décor and great plants contribute.

They are also very loyal. Most of them have been with us for many years and the few that do leave us often come back.

If you feel we might be a good fit to complement your business and add value to your work environment we would be happy to speak with you and offer a fee evaluation

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 By the way, my name is Kevin Urquhart. My wife Beth and I started this business to bring you the best in interior plant service and design.

I have over 25 years of interior design and interior Plantscape experience.

We appreciate and understand the need for great customer service and worry free indoor plant maintenance.

After working for other companies and feeling discouraged by the lack of care the customers were receiving we decided to take matters into our own hands and start Emerald Coast Plantscapes.

Giving us more control over how our customers are treated and the quality of products we deliver.

It seems our customers really appreciate this attitude and have made us one of Southern California’s leading interior plant service, maintenance and design companies

That appreciation is mutual.

We would love the opportunity to see how we might make a positive difference for you. 

Send me an email Here -or Call 866-480-9141

Until then we wish you all the best and look forward to hearing from you soon,

Kevin, Beth and Crew.


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