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It’s never been easier to transform your indoor space!

With our done-for-you interior plant design, delivery, and plant maintenance services.

Because no one should have to work or live in a bland and boring space, void of life and fresh air.

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Now Serving:   Ventura,  Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego Counties

We’re here to improve the lives of people through positive interactions, and through the beauty, health, and service of plants and nature to enhance home and work interior environments.

Both Growing Roots Interior Plant Pros and Emerald Coast Plantscapes started in 2002 to create a better customer experience. And to enhance the lives of others with the beauty and health of plants.

Emerald Coast Plantscapes was founded by Kevin and Beth Urquhart. In 2021 Emerald Coast became Growing Roots. Upon their retirement Kevin and Beth were thrilled to have Jennifer Perez of Growing Roots take over operations. As the founder and owner of Growing Roots for 20 years, Jennifer has demonstrated the same care and commitment that Emerald Coast’s customers have come to expect.

Plant rental and Interior Plant Maintenance Services

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Don't work another day in a office void of nature and fresh-air.

Indoor plant maintenance and design 

Residential interior plant design
Instagram worthy house plants and large indoor trees.

Trained and dedicated plant pros keep your Plants Clean and Green – Guaranteed!

Interior Plant care Service
You don't need to waste time guessing how to water and care for indoor plants.


an easy way to enjoy all the...

of Beautiful, Air-Purifying Plants without the Hassle or Guessing

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Calvary Community Church

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Serving Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, and San Diego

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Interior plant service Thousand Oaks, Los Angeles, Ventura

Growing Roots North

We're here to help your home or office come alive with beautiful interior plants! Plus... Get friendly, knowledgeable advice to help you select just the right indoor plants. And professional, skilled plant watering and plant care maintenance service.

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Other Interior Plant Services

Lobby Plants, Reception area with flowers and large office plant
Office reception area plants and flowers
Modern and unique planters
Modern mid-century planters
Custom Moss Wall Art
Custom Moss Wall Art

Growing Roots is Passionate About Interior Plants and People!

Providing a much-needed fresh breath of nature to the interior of buildings, homes and offices in Ventura and Los Angeles County.
 They do it with Thriving,  Live Interior Plants, Decorative Containers, Creative Plant Designs, Plant Service and Care, Plant Rental and custom Moss Wall Art.
                              Plants – Enhance…
“We believe the enjoyment of plants with the warmth, health and prestige they create should be Simple, Affordable and Fun.” Don’t you?
                           That’s Why We’ve Made It Our Mission To…
Leave you and your work or home better than we find them”
  We accomplish our mission by transforming your space into Your Own Personal Paradise!
So your workspace and home Feels as Warm and Comfortable as a Fresh Cup of Coffee that puts you in a Relaxed State of Mind – Leaving you Focused and Ready to Take on the Day!
 If you’re looking to enhance a Professional Office, a Building Lobby, Corporate Headquarter, or Home in the county of Los Angeles – Ventura – or Santa Barbara …
Wouldn’t it be nice to work with a plant company that is friendly, professional and focused on you?      And…

Best of All…

You don’t have to be a plant expert because we provide…

The Plant Design and Installation

The Interior Plants

The Decorative Containers

The Expert Interior Plant Care and Maintenance 

What People are Saying!

"...I Don't Have To Worry About Any Problems!"

I don't have to worry about any problems with interior plant care services from Emerald Coast Plantscapes
Janice Peters / Newbury Park
Indoor plant service reviews

"...Extremely Knowledgeable And Professional!"

interior plant care service Agoura Hills, CA
Adam Goldstein / Agoura Hills
Indoor plant service reviews

"...Added Life to The Office...Very Professional!"

Interior Plant Service Review
Joe Fralix / Thousand Oaks
Indoor plant service reviews
Custom interior plant desgn Los Angeles

Imagine your space filled with the warmth, health, and beauty of lush plants.

Plants that are silently removing harmful toxins from the air were you work and live.

And Plants that create interest and life you can see and feel around you.

Now imagine enjoying those plants with the ease and reliability of Professional interior plant maintenance service …

That Leaves You Free to Focus on Your work and other activities!

Are You Ready to Transform the Look and Feel of Your Space?

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