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Both Growing Roots and Emerald Coast Plantscapes started in 2002 to create a better customer experience. And to enhance the lives of others with the beauty and health of plants. Emerald Coast Plantscapes was founded by Kevin and Beth Urquhart. In 2021 Emerald Coast became Growing Roots. Upon their retirement Kevin and Beth were thrilled to have Jennifer Perez of Growing Roots take over operations. As the founder and owner of Growing Roots for 20 years, Jennifer has demonstrated the same care and commitment that Emerald Coast’s customers have come to expect.

We're here to improve the lives of people through positive interactions,

And through the beauty, health, and service of plants and nature to enhance home and work interior environments.

"Green" only starts with the plants

We believe in creating and maintaining a green, sustainable ecosystem both indoors and out. That’s why we implement carbon reducing practices in all aspects of our business and personal lives. Our practices have resulted in less waste, reduced water usage, cleaner air, and healthy and happy environments for people to work and live.

Commercial interior landscape services
Happy plant service customers
We love seeing the smiles on our client's faces when the plants arive!

Our customer base is made up of people that appreciate the value of nature, and great service.

And they want to be treated with the respect they deserve. In return we enjoy customers that are great to work with, happy, and remain loyal.

Our Mission

 “Leave People, Places, and Plants Better Than We Find Them”


Our Promise 

 Always Clean, Always Green Plants, Guaranteed ©

Our Values 

We value beauty and nature. We believe in the ability of the individual, respect for all people, and honoring God in all we do.

We’re mindful of Safety and have an attitude of Service, Value Before Profit, Quality, Teamwork, Integrity, Others First, Generosity, Thrift, Hospitality, Innovation, and Constant Improvement.


We absolutely love seeing the transformation that live plants make in an office or home…

We believe you will too!

Lobby Plants, Reception area with flowers and large office plant

How We Deliver Excellence in Interior Plant Care Services


Thanks to our incredible customers and amazing team of people,


Growing Roots is recognized as a leading interior plantscaping company in Southern California





The Secret Formula?


Passionate People + Proper Processes = Satisfied Clients.

1. We only hire people that love working with indoor plants.


2. All our plant care people are trained to follow a specific regimen.


3. A field supervisor makes regular visits to your job-site to make sure you receive the service you deserve.

Fresh new plant delivery
Interior plant delivery and installation of indoor landscapes

Always Clean, Always Green Plants Guaranteed ©

With each plant care visit we…
  1. Water and fertilize plants as necessary to maintain optimal health
  2. Keep plants clean, groomed and oriented to proper light
  3. Remove aged, damaged, or unsightly foliage 
  4. Discard debris in planters and keep planters clean
  5. Treat Plants for foliage disease and insects if any
  6. Replace unsightly or damaged plants with fresh new plants
Interior Plant care Service
Qualified and Caring Plant Professionals

Plus,  you get regular quality assurance visits by a supervisor

Giving you the security and peace of mind knowing you made the right choice – and leaving you free to focus on your work and other activities.


Just like Lori S. did,   She Writes…


"In the past when we used other plant service companies the plants came in looking nice but after a while, they would lose that new plant luster.

Growing Roots has kept all our Model Home projects looking great and new years after the initial installation."
Lori S.
Shea Homes Los Angeles, CA

And Imagine being so happy with your plant care person that you would take the time to write a note like one of these…

Interior Plant Service, plant lease, plant rental near me.

" Merri does an excellent job! Its' obvious she loves what she does; She's deeply passionate about her work."

Harry Forman, Forman and associates, Van Nuys, CA

"We really enjoy having Janet as our plant care specialist. She is great to work with. We love Janet!"


Carol C. Westlake Village, CA

" Renzo is great! Everything looks so much better since he came to care for our office plants"

Wendy L. Marks and Associates, Calabasas, CA

And sure, anyone can make a promise but…

What Good is a Promise if you don’t Keep It? 


That’s why you’ll find our promises in writing...

Interior plant maintenance contract service guarantees

Plant Selection

If you don’t like a plant that we provide we will exchange it for one you love.


Plant Service:

You’re guaranteed to love the plant service or your money back.


Customer Service and Quality Work:

Friendly professional interior plant maintenance people you can count on to keep your plants alive and healthy or we pay for new plant replacements.

How Can We Make These Un-Matched Guarantees?

It's simple when you realize we only have one mission...

“Leave People, Places, and Plants Better than we Find Them”

We Mean It!

Interior plant rental service

You see, Success is Really Simple if You Think About It.

For us, we found that loving what we do and treating people right was followed by success, naturally.

That’s why we…

  • Focus on you and your needs
  • Provide excellent service and products
  • Put Guarantees in writing
  • Generously recommend competitors
  • Live by the Golden Rule

Be Part of The Story…

We invite you to join our happy clients in the joy they have found in beautiful interior plantscapes and worry-free plant service with Growing Roots.

So your plants look like these!

Interior plant pictures, pictures of house plants

Thank you for your time and attention.

Please let us know how we can help.

Kevin and Beth Urquhart/Founders Emerald Coast Plantscapes. Now Growing Roots
Interior Plant care Service
The greatest team of people ever.
Jennifer Perez Growing Roots
Jennifer Perez

Meet Jennifer,

Upon retirement, Kevin and Beth were thrilled to have Jennifer Perez of Growing Roots take over operations. As the founder and owner of Growing Roots for 20 years, Jennifer has demonstrated the same care and commitment that Emerald  Coast’s customers have come to expect. 


Kevin  is a dedicated horticulturist, and has practiced the art and service of interior plantscaping for 30 years. He also has a background in Interior Design, and he shares his expertise in sales and marketing with other business owners. 
He and his team have designed and installed thousands of interiorscapes for leading companies, organizations,  Home owners, and numerous celebrities’ in Southern California.
When not helping others with inspiring plantscapes, and business advice you’ll find Kevin and Beth enjoying time with their thriving family of 5 grown kids, grand kids and their beloved Catahoula dog, Levi.

Kevin’s work has been published In:

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