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Ugly Office Plants and an Instant Morale Boost.

Two Problems existed for Janet Case and her coworkers at The HEM Law Firm in Thousand Oaks.

1)they had very old and ugly plants that put a damper on the mood in the office.

2) The partners where hesitant to pay for a new plant company to fix it.

The HEM Law Offices inherited the existing office plants and service when they bought the building several years ago. After noticing how old and worn out the plants were looking they realized they have not heard from or seen their interior plant service provider for some time.  Obviously unhappy about being billed for service they were not receiving it was time for a change. Janet Case the office manager for HEM Law was referred to Emerald Coast Plantscapes by a coworker. After meeting with Kevin from Emerald Coast Plantscapes and discussing their situation it was agreed that a total interior plant and container makeover was in order.

The problem Janet faced at this point was that a couple of the partners in the firm did not want to invest the money for the new plants. However, Janet stood up to make her case for herself and her coworkers to create a better office environment. She stated; “We are the ones that work in the office every day, all day and it would make a big difference if can we could add some fresh life and nature to the office.”

The Results; Janet and her coworkers won their case with the partners. After Growing Roots created and installed the fresh look and feel to the HEM Law Offices one of the objecting partners said; “The money was well invested” Janet followed by saying “Everyone seem to be uplifted from the new plants” Further comments from the client include: “Absolutely Beautiful” “Love the enthusiasm from the Growing Roots staff” Really boosted morale” “Thank you so much”

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A need for plants, Fast!   The Dupuis Group Ventura, CA 

Problem: The Dupuis Group in Ventura, California needed interior plants for their new office just one day before their open house and meeting with a prospective large client.

Solution: We came out on Wednesday to look at the space and listen to what they wanted. Working with Sabine the associate creative director we came up with a solution they were happy with. The next day Growing Roots installed the plants and containers by noon before the open house and meeting that night.

Result: “We were very proud to show off our new office. The office looks great and the meeting was a success! Thank you Growing Roots for your timely, efficient and professional service.” Sabine Dodane Associate Creative Director



A difficult atrium Oak Park, CA 

Problem: A home in Oak Park California located in the Morison Ranch development has an Indoor atrium enclosed with glass. The atrium is the focal point of the home and for the past 7 years that the owners have lived in the home they said; “We tried several plantings and ideas on our own and with the help of our gardener only to be met with failure each time.” Good News; Fortunately when they called Growing Roots to help with the atrium I was very familiar with the floor plan of this home and have designed and planted many of the atriums in this neighborhood over the past 20 yeas.

Improper elements: The major elements for plants to grow are light, air, water and proper nutrients. The lighting for the atrium was ample for plants to grow due to the skylight. The three biggest problems that kept the plants from thriving in the enclosed atrium were the poor condition of the soil, lack of proper air circulation and the wrong verity of plants used in the atrium.

How we fixed it: 1) After we discovering the problem of improper air flow the homeowner had three panes of overhead glass removed. This significantly increased the air flow and temperature control creating a more conducive environment for the plants to grow and at the same time decreasing the likelihood of harmful insects and dieses. 2)Then we brought in 20 cubic feet of pure potting soil to raise the atrium floor and to provide much needed nutrients for the new plants to  thrive and grow. 3) We selected, arranged and installed plants that have been grown and acclimated for interior use. To ensure the beauty of the plants and not wanting to hassle with the maintenance the client hired Growing Roots indoor plant service to maintain the plants on a regular basis. Result: A beautiful focal point of the home that truly brings the outdoors in and is being enjoyed every day by the owners.

The client said it best when she said; “After seven years of trying to make the atrium work we just about gave up. But you have now made our atrium fantasy come true.” That sounds a little over the top to me but hey, I’m glad we could help.

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