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Providing interior plant rental, design, service, maintenance and installation for businesses,  builder/developers and the interior design trade. Emerald Coast Plantscapes is an indoor plant company like no other offering a full array of live and artificial plants, trees, flowers and decorative planters custom suited to your needs. Our knock your socks off indoor plant service is available in Ventura and Los Angeles counties.



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Since 2002 offices in Ventura and Los Angeles County have been calling on us  to add the warmth, beauty and life of indoor plants to create happy, healthy office environments with friendly and professional service. Take advantage of our interior plant designs and affordable interior plant service for your indoor plant rental and maintenance needs.                                                                                                                                                                                          Kevin Urquhart/Owner 

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Interior Plant Service, Plant Leasing/Rental and Plant Décor

plant service near me

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