Residential Plant Care Services and Design

Residential interior plant design

Enjoy the healthiest houseplants you've ever seen

Delivered right to your home

And have them serviced by qualified and caring plant care technicians

Interior Plant care Service

Worry-Free Service - Green and Clean Plants

large indoor plants and trees Residential

Simply enjoy the life, beauty, and well-being of fresh house plants and flowers...

We’ll take care of the plant maintenance and all the details

What Your Neighbors are Saying


I’m extremely pleased with the staff, pricing and arrangements. 
The indoor trees are healthy, and installation is taken with exceptional care, so I don’t have to worry about any problems.

I don't have to worry about any problems with interior plant care services from Emerald Coast Plantscapes
Janice Peters Residential Plant Care Client

How Our Interior Plant Design and Services Work

1. Schedule your custom interior plant *design and consultation

2. Receive an Estimate

Your estimate includes…

Estimate for plants and service

And if you like it…

You’ll be enjoying your beautiful new house plants in just a few days!

“The plants are of great quality, delivered and installed as promised"


I especially appreciate the plant maintenance services Growing Roots provides.

I love the plant maintenance service by Emerald Coast Plantscapes
Bozena Chorazewicz Residential Client

To get started or to get answers call our friendly staff


*Design and Consultation fee $250, refundable upon purchase.

Think of us as your trusted houseplant advisors here to insure your indoor plant enjoyment and success

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Interior Plant Care Services Designed to…

Help You, Easily Create Your Own Living Sanctuary

 Filled with the life, interest, and prestige of live indoor trees and house plants


Delivered right to you!

With our help you can Add some drama to the entry of your home using large indoor trees and plants.

Modern large plants in tall pots Ponytail palm, Boccardia


Modern Interior Plants and Pots


Or elegance to the living room with stylish pots and sophisticated foliage.


modern contemporary plant and planters


Large Aloe Bainesi plant in modern contemporary planter

And create serenity and romance in the bedroom. 😉


Why not add a touch of elegance with white orchids?

Orchid delivery. Orchid arrangement in glass vase

Whatever your reason for having plants delivered to your home we’re here to help you and guide you to interior plant bliss.



To find answers to your questions simply…




And When Your Newly Delivered Houseplants Arrive You’ll Automatically Enjoy Cleaner Indoor Air!


Did You Know Houseplants Act as Natural Air Purifiers?


Indoor Air-Pollution can be 2-5 times greater than Outdoor Air-Pollution according The EPA.

 So while you’re enjoying your indoor plants,

the plants are silently working to remove toxins and virus particles from the air you and your family could be exposed to.

The plants then release clean oxygen back into the room.

So, you’re sure to enjoy cleaner, healthier, air in every room.

Growing Roots is the Fastest and Easiest way to enjoy interior plant care services delivered to your home



Why not schedule your houseplant design & delivery today?

It’s Simple!

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Here’s What to Expect – In 3 Simple Steps



1. Start with the interior plant design and Selection:

This is the best way to avoid mistakes and problems most people make when bringing plants indoors. (more on that in a minute)

Hand selected inside plants for your home

You’ll see and select the plants from our large portfolio of proven indoor plants before we deliver them.

And you’ll be confident knowing you’re getting the right houseplants for the right locations in every area of your home. Houseplants that will thrive not just survive.


 2. Professional Houseplant Delivery and Installation:

Avoid Problems Like…

  • Costly water damage to rugs, floors, and tabletops.

  • Smells that are so bad you’ll swear the toilet backed-up!
  • And those annoying gnats you can never seem to get rid of!

How you install your house plants could mean the difference between enjoying your plants or having some real problems to deal with.

And if you experienced any of these problems It’s not your fault.

There’s a lot of well-intended but miss-guided information out there about how to pot and install a houseplant.

The truth is, most people aren’t aware of the little-known tricks the professional interior plantscapers use to avoid these and other problems. 

And Finally…

3. Scheduled Residential Interior Plant Care Service:

This is where the magic happens!



Consistency is Key to Successful House Plant Care

And when you hire us to water and care for your houseplants we give you…

consistant interior house plant care A regularly set day and time to care for your houseplants.

Either on a weekly or bi-weekly plant maintenance schedule

dedicated plant care professional Your own dedicated interior plant care professional.

He or she is your personal plant care expert you can rely on to lovingly and consistently keep your plants Clean and Green!

Allways Clean and Green Plants

Always Clean and Green Plants…


Imagine being so happy with your plant care person that you would take the time to write a note like one of these…

“Thank you for Merri. 

She went above and beyond what I asked for. Wonderful Job!”

Georgiana H. Westlake Village, CA

“Renzo is a pleasure to have. And the plants look Great!”

Gail Webster Tarzana, CA

“As usual everything is beautiful… Service is amazing!

We’re so happy to have Amber care for our plants!”

Doreen L. Westlake Village, CA

With plant maintenance service and expertise like this you’ll …


Simply enjoy the plants

Save time and trouble

Erase plant problem worries from your mind



See what some of your neighbors are saying about our houseplant delivery and service




interior plant care service Agoura Hills, CA


Adam Goldstein Agoura Hill, CA

“First class!

Extremely knowledgeable, understood my wants/needs and continue to service them with the utmost professionalism.

I highly recommend Growing Roots without hesitation for your plant design and maintenance needs.”


Residential Interior plant maintenance service. Camarillo, CA


Holly Higbee-Jansen Camarillo

” Very happy with the Service, Professionalism, and Creativity “

Interior house plant delivery and service in Thousand Oaks customer


Karen Connor Thousand Oaks, CA

“I want to thank you for all the expert plant care you have provide!

I appreciate your knowledge and fabulous plants and pots.

Your service really finished off my redecorating beautifully!”



And if you need answers or advice …

Or if you would like to schedule a plant design and quote…

It’s Easy!

Just Give Us a Call At




Don't forget to water your house plantsOH!

One more thing You need to know

The plants aren’t the only thing you’ll see Green!

Your neighbors and friends will be green with envy when they see how…




Your houseplants are!

And when they ask;

“How do you keep your houseplants so healthy and clean?”

It will be our secret 😉

You don’t have to tell them we helped with…

Expert interior plant design and advice

Worry free houseplant installation

Regular professional interior plant service


you don’t even need to tell them how easy getting houseplant delivery from Growing Roots is.

Simply enjoy all the beauty and well-being of your plants, and the admiration of your friends and neighbors!


And here’s the most important thing…



For a Limited Time get the Interior Plant Design and Consultation Free when you call or contact us today. [This is a $250.00 Value]



Just mention “Free Plant Design and Consultation” when you contact us.


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