With A Professional, Personalized Interior Plant Design You’ll Simply Enjoy The Plants Without the Disappointment

Interior Plant Design and Consultation

Why start with a professional interior plant design?

You know that Plants in your office will eliminate that empty and incomplete feel.

You dream of a workspace filled with The warmth, health and beauty of lush plants.

Plants that are keeping you healthy and removing toxins from the air while you work. Plants that create interest and life you can see and feel around you.

Custom interior plant desgn Los Angeles

Why not just run down to the local “Home Store,” grab some plants, and place them around the office?  

Glad you asked.

I’m guessing that your work involves something other than providing office plants or plant maintenance…

 How’d I know that?

Because, we get calls everyday from people just like you…

 Either they recognize the convenience of calling in a plant pro to begin with – Or they call us after trying and failing to bring plants into their offices. (not judging, that’s just the way it is)

We see one or more of these time-wasting and frustrating plant mistakes almost every-time…

6 Most Common Mistakes People Make When Bringing Plants into the Office – and How To Avoid Them

  1.  Purchased the wrong plant for the office lighting or other condition…. Causing the plant to look weak and sad.
  2. Improper potting and installation… Resulting in water damage, bad smells or annoying gnats!
  3. Inferior store-bought plants that are miss handled, damaged or have weak roots… They might look nice at first but then quickly fall apart.
  4. Time spent going to the store, selecting, loading, delivering, unloading and installing the plants… Losing productive company time away from work.
  5. Bringing a plant into the office only to figure out it doesn’t fit, or you don’t like it… Now what?
  6. Or, you love your little plants buddies. And of course you have good intentions – But, because you have other work to do, and, uh-well, you kind of forget to water the plants.

Don’t feel bad if this is you. You’re not alone.

Now There’s a Better and Easier Way To Do Plants for the Office

Interior Plant Desinger Dana Tingle See this nice lady?

This is Dana Tingle. (yes, that’s her real name) And she’s your personal interior plantscape expert! She really knows plants. And she really knows how to create magnificent interior plant designs. She’s here to help you and guide you along the way to office plant bliss 😊  

This is what one client had to say about Dana’s plant design…

“When I saw the botanical art in person I was blown away with how fantastic it looks!

The plants in the lobby compliment and balance the art. And it brought the noise level down enormously!!! Bravo!

Thank you so much for doing such a tremendous job. It exceeded my hopes. I’m absolutely over the moon with how it turned out.

Many, many thanks!


Kim Bessolo/ Bessolo & Haworth llp

When you call, or send a note, you’ll actually speak with Dana.

She’ll answer your questions… Ask a few questions of her own. And if it looks like she might be able to help – you’ll have her undivided attention and expertise.

Book an appointment with Dana today and she’ll come out and do a thorough space evaluation of your office or building. Ensuring you get just the right plants to enjoy for many years. (without the problems)

She’ll work with you to match each plant with a attractive planter that is coordinated with your office and style. She’ll make sure you get the right number of plants, and the right type of plants for an office with low light, artificial light or even bright sunlight. And plants you’ll absolutely love.

It couldn’t be easier with…

The 3-Step Quick and Easy Interior Plant and Space Evaluation

              Dana will…

  1. Take a few moments (or more if you like) to get your input and understand your desires, needs and goals.
  2. Take environmental readings: (lighting, temperature, traffic, layout and usage)
  3. Consider Style: (decor, color pallet, theme, your branding,)

Then she’ll Develop your custom interior plant design!

Your plant design will list the specific quantity, location, size and type of each plant. And the style, size and color of each decorative planter, complete with photos.
She’ll make recommendations as what to do with any existing plants you might have.
And you’ll receive a detailed estimate for the plants, containers, installation and regular plant care service

Finally, you’ll have the confidence and peace of mind knowing your indoor office plants will be done right. (and have more time to focus on your work –or enjoy an afternoon latte!)

To get your free quote and interior plant design simply give Dana a call or send a note.

Did I mention the cost of the plant design? It’s Free! This is a $250 value. And if you book your plant design and evaluation today… it’s on us.

You’ll also learn about 3 unique guarantees and… 1 very special offer -for new clients from now to the end of the month.

To get your quote and take advantage of exclusive offers call 866-480-9141 or Go Here to get started.

Oh!!! -One more thing…

When your team and boss are freak-ing-out happy because the plants are Sooo A-maz-ing!

You don’t have to tell anyone we helped. It will be our secret and…

When your neighbors and competitors are jealous because YOU have the office THEY want…

You can just smile and bask in the glory for yourself. We won’t tell. Promise!

Our goal is to make you look good!

To see what others are saying about our services and the transformative effect of the plant designs go to: customer reviews.

Or, simply get in touch here and we’ll take care of everything so you can focus on your work. (And Enjoy the Plants!)

Sound good?

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5 star reviews Emerald Coast Plantscapes Interior Plant Maintenance

“Everyone in the office is uplifted from the warmth and beauty of the new plants and design…

We love the enthusiasm from the Emerald Coast staff. Thank you so much!”

Janice Case, H.E.M. Law Firm, Thousand Oaks, CA

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