Interior Plant Design and Consultation

A Professional Interior Plant Design is The Best Way to Avoid Costly Mistakes...

Plants that Thrive, not just survive. ​

After years of designing, installing, and caring for thousands of indoor plants we know the best plants to recommend for just about any situation.

Your Plant Design Includes:

A Detailed Estimate

A Custom Picture Package

Advice for Existing Plants

Interior Plant Service Contract, Interior Plant Esitimate
Interior plant picture package
Existing interior plant recomendations

Know exactly what you get and how much it cost.

Easily see all the plants and containers you’ll get.

Know just what to do with your existing plants, and how to make them better.




After receiving your quote and design you decide to work with us, your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

Interior plant maintenance contract service guarantees

Be confident when selecting the right indoor plants…

Start with your professional interior plant design today. 

Serving Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, and San Diego

Quote for Interior Plant Rental Service
Interior plant service Thousand Oaks, Los Angeles, Ventura

Growing Roots North

Why start with a professional interior plant design?

There’s a lot of well intended, but misguided information out there on how to install and care for indoor plants”


And most people make the same 3 mistakes.

Jennifer Perez Growing Roots
Jennifer Perez

People always tell me…

They want interior plants to eliminate that empty and incomplete feel.


They dream of their workspace or home filled with The warmth, health, and beauty of vibrant green plants…

Interior Plants delivered right to your home of business
Allways Clean and Green Plants

Plants that remove toxins from the air where they work and live…

And plants that create interest and life they can see and feel around them…

Interior plants for sale near me. House plants, Office Plants, Plant Service

So, you might be wondering…

You wont find these plants in big box home stores
You won’t find our plants in home stores

Why not just run down to the local “Home Store,” grab some plants, and place them around my home and office?

That’s a good question.

And the answer is…

Because we get calls everyday from people just like you.

Either they recognize the convenience of bringing in a plant pro to begin with or—

They call us after receiving miss-guided information. And unfortunately, it happens a lot…

The 3 Most Common Mistakes with House and Office Plants - and How To Avoid Them

If you’ve experienced plant problems like the ones listed here. Don’t feel bad. It’s not your fault.  In fact,

We see one or more of these time-wasting and frustrating plant mistakes almost every-time...

Water Damage
Indoor Flying Gnats
All plant companies are not the same
Failed Plant

1. Improper potting and installation

Resulting in damaged floors, furniture, bad smells and annoying gnats.


2. Inferior store-bought plants…

Store bought plants are often miss handled, damaged and have weak roots – They might look nice at first but then quickly fall apart.

3. Purchased the wrong plant…

When you don’t buy the right plant for the interior lighting and other conditions it causes your plant to look weak and sad.

Disapointment with plants

And the 3 Biggest Disappointments With House and Office Plants...​

1. It’s Not What You Thought…

You bring a plant into your office or home only to figure out it doesn’t fit, or you don’t like it… Now what?


2. Lost Productivity…

Time spent going to the store, selecting, loading, delivering, unloading and installing the plants… Losing productive company time away from work.


3. Forget to Water the Plants…

You love your little plant buddies. And of course you have good intentions – But, because you have other work to do, and, uh-well, you kind of forget to water the plants. ☹

The truth is,

most people aren’t aware of the little known secrets professional plantscapers use to avoid these and other plant problems.

Now There’s a Better and Easier Way To Do Plants for your Home and Office

Meet your trusted plant advisor

Interior Plant Desinger Dana Tingle

Your personal interior plant design expert really knows plants. And she really knows how to create magnificent interior plant designs.

She’s here to help you and guide you along the way to interior plant bliss 😊


Just like she did for Kim …

“I was blown away with how fantastic the plant design looks!

The plants in the lobby compliment and balance the art. And it brought the noise level down enormously!!! Bravo!

Thank you so much for doing such a tremendous job. It exceeded my hopes.

I’m absolutely over the moon with how it turned out. Many, many thanks”!


Kim Bessolo/ Bessolo & Haworth llp

Moss sound control panles
reduce echo

Installation of lobby plants and sound absorbing moss wall panels for Bessolo & Howrth LLP


She’ll answer your questions…

Ask a few questions of her own…

And if it looks like she might be able to help – you’ll have her undivided attention and expertise.

And for your convenience…

Virtual Quotes are Now Available

Today’s technology makes is safe and simple to receive a quote remotely.
vertual quotes Indoor plant service cost Get a Quote

Get in touch for your free in person or virtual quote today.

Call or send the secure contact form.

Serving Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, and San Diego

Quote for Interior Plant Rental Service
Interior plant service Thousand Oaks, Los Angeles, Ventura

Growing Roots North

Here’s the thing…


Interior Plant Design +The Right Plants = More Enjoyment

And that’s because different plants are required for different interior conditions. Such as an office with low light, artificial light or even a window with bright sunlight, it’s important to know what plants to match to these conditions to avoid disappointment with your indoor plants.

Be sure to get the right house or office plants when you…


What to Expect from Your Interior Plant Design …

When you book an appointment we’ll do a thorough space evaluation of your home or office. We’ll…

1. Get your input:

We’ll Take a few moments to understand your desires, needs and goals. Then…

2. Take environmental readings:

(lighting, temperature, traffic, layout and usage) and

3. Consider Style:

(decor, color pallet, theme, your branding,)

And we’ll work with you to match each plant with a attractive planter that is coordinated with your style, brand and budget.

All this to ensure you get just the right plants to enjoy for many years. (without the problems)

And you’ll get:

The right number of plants

The right type of plants

And plants you’ll absolutely love

Your Custom Interior Plant Design Includes:

A Detailed Estimate:

Interior Plant Service Contract, Interior Plant Esitimate

Listing the prices for the plants, containers, installation and regular plant care service. The estimate also Lists the specific quantity, location, size and type of each plant. And the style, size and color of each decorative planter.

Visual Package:

Indoor houseplant pictures, large indoor plants, tall office plants, big plants, blooming house plants, picture package

Showing the listed plants and containers for your space.


Existing interior plant recomendations

We’ll make recommendations as what to do with any existing plants you might have.

Finally, you’ll have confidence and peace of mind.

Because you know your indoor plants will be done right. (and you’ll have more time to focus on your work -(or enjoy an afternoon latte!)

To get your free in-person or virtual interior plant design and quote, today…

simply give us a call


Or send us a note here

Did I mention the cost of the plant design?

This is a $250 value.

After we perform an assessment of your space we invest thoughtful time and energy into designing and putting your custom proposal together.

Giving you the value of having the confidence of a professional design that will save you from the disappointment of costly mistakes.

Mistakes and inconvenience that would likely exceed the $250.00 design fee.

However, if you book your plant design and evaluation today… It’s On Us. At no cost to you!

PLUS, A Special Offer for New Office Clients

In light of COVID-19 conditions we thought it might be nice to offer you an extra incentive to help you bring the Happiness and Health of Air-Purifying Plants to your office.

Giving you and your team the safe and healthy office you deserve…

So, when you receive your quote –

You’ll also learn about A VERY special offer we’re excited to extend to new office clients for a limited time.

This is a temporarily offer to help during this time.

We’re not sure how long we can afford to make this offer. But we thought we would give it a try, at least for a few weeks.

Please understand: For competitive reasons, we can’t give you the details here. but when you receive your no obligation quote and design you’ll learn all about this unique, office enhancing offer.

To get your quote and take advantage of this

exclusive offer call:



Go Here

To get started.

Oh! One More Thing…




You might witness involuntary smiles throughout the office! 🙂

And, outburst of joy and happiness from your boss, team members, and customers.

Your Neighbors and Competitors might even be jealous because YOU now the Home or Office THEY want…

I’m not making this up!

See for yourself…

(customer reviews below)

Or, simply get in touch here and we’ll take care of everything so you can focus on your work. (And Enjoy the Plants!)

Sound good?

Get your FREE quote and plant design today




I don't have to worry about any problems with interior plant care services from Emerald Coast Plantscapes


Janice Peters Thousand Oaks, CA

I’m extremely pleased with the staff, pricing and arrangements. 
The indoor trees are healthy, and installation is taken with exceptional care, so I don’t have to worry about any problems.

interior plant care service Agoura Hills, CA


Adam Goldstein Agoura Hills

“First class!”

“Extremely knowledgeable, understood my wants/needs and continue to service them with the utmost professionalism.

I highly recommend Growing Roots without hesitation for your plant design and maintenance needs.”

Residential Interior plant maintenance service. Camarillo, CA


Holly Higbee-Jansen Camarillo

” Very happy with the Service, Professionalism, and Creativity “

Interior house plant delivery and service in Thousand Oaks customer


Karen Connor Thousand Oaks

“I want to thank you for all the expert plant care you provide!

I appreciate your knowledge and fabulous plants and pots.

Your service really finished off my redecorating beautifully!”

“Everyone in the office is uplifted from the warmth and beauty of the new plants and design…

We love the enthusiasm from the Growing Roots staff. Thank you so much!”

Janice Case, H.E.M. Law Firm, Thousand Oaks, CA

Find Answers to Frequently Asked Question Here. 



And Home!

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