New Interior Plants and Service

Nobody Wants To Walk Into a Dull and Boring Space …

But Everybody Loves…

Walking into an room filled with vibrant live plants!

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Especially if you don’t have to water and care for the them!

And if you’re looking to enhance the feel and look of your office, building, or home I have good news!

We can help…

With exceptional interior plants and superior interior plant maintenance services

Delivered Right to You

You won’t have to lift a finger. (except to call or email us)

Because, we do it all.

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When you call Growing Roots you get…

quality interior plants The finest quality, specimen indoor plants available

indoor house plant delivery Stress free delivery

Interior landscape installations Professional installation

Expert interior plant care service Expert interior plant care service

So you can simply enjoy the plants without the hassle!

Interior Plants and Plant Service Options:

You have flexible options when it comes to the servicing of your new indoor plants:

Commercial interior landscape services

You can…

interior plant care service Select our reliable, professional plant care service

or –

Do it yourself interior plant care service Do -it – yourself plant care.

Either way, you get Expert guidance to keep your plants happy and healthy.

And you can get your plants delivered several ways

interior landscape installation of wall plants

You can…

buy indoor house and office plants Purchase

Lease your interior plants Lease or

Rent your interior plants Rent your plants

About The Plants

Not Found in Home Stores!

You Won’t Find These Plants in “Home Stores.”

Here’s why… 

The specimen interior plants from Growing Roots come from the finest growers in the Hawaiian Islands, South Florida and California. 

These are Grade ‘A’ plants, grown and acclimated for the interior landscape industry and delivered fresh to you.

They have strong root systems to withstand the stress and demand of office and home environments. Plants in an office or house with low light or only artificial light need to be well established or they won’t last.

New Contemporary interior specimen plants and planters
© Emerald Coast Plantscapes, Inc. Photos may not be used without explicit written consent.

Each Plant is Hand Selected

We inspect and hand select each plant just for you, so you receive the very best quality, shape and size of plants available.

We have a No Bug policy. And before any plant is ever delivered to you The California Department of Food and Agriculture inspects each imported plant for insects and health quality. So you are sure to receive the very best plants from Growing Roots. 

About The Service

30 Years of Expertise

It Starts With a Passion for Plants …

And flawlessly comes together through a precise 4 step process:

1. A complete and thorough space and design evaluation is performed.

2. We then create an interior plantscape design suited for your particular environment, style and budget.

3. From there we transform your office or home with the Life, Beauty, and Well-being of Live Interior Plants.

4. And finally, we schedule and perform consistent expert plant-care and maintenance.

And the best part?

You don’t have to be a plant expert!

Simply enjoy the…

Feel the benefits of house plants and office plantsLife

Feel the benefits of house plants and office plantsWarmth

Feel the benefits of house plants and office plantsBeauty

Feel the benefits of house plants and office plantsPrestige

Of your new interior plants

Feel the benefits of house plants and office plantsPlants that are cleaning the air where you work and live.

Plants that clean the airAnd service that leave you free to concentrate on other priorities.

No Hassles

No Worries

Just Green Clean plants

Eye-popping flowers

Less stress

Healthy and more Comfortable Environment

Finally freeing you from that empty room feel and the problems associated with indoor plant care.

You’re just 1 step away from…

The Comfort…

The Service and…

The Office and Home you deserve-

Get Started With Your FREE No-obligation Interior Plant Design and Quote  HERE.

Our Promise…

Friendly professional interior plant maintenance people you can count on to keep your plants alive and healthy or we pay for new plant replacements. Guaranteed.

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