Our Plant Mistakes

Plant Mistakes

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Yeah, it happens.



And it’s embarrassing and costly for us too, but…

You won’t find us hiding when it does.

In fact, when and if plant mistakes happen  we fix the plant issue immediately or pay for a new plant replacement no questions asked.

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About Emerald Coast Plantscapes Interior Plant Services

Your plant care technician knows this, and is  given the power to make things right.

So  your plants always look like this

Residential interior plant care services

And this

Interior Plants delivered right to your home of business

Here’s the thing,

Nobody likes unpleasant service problems.

And plant mistakes happen.


But if you are constantly taking time away from your work to track down your plant service provider to resolve issues, this is not only frustrating but…

The irritation of the wasted time and money is never good.


                                            if YOU have to pay for new plants?!

                                                               FORGET IT!

                                                         Not Worth It, right?

                                                                 We get it.


That’s why we take a long-term view of client relationships.

and it’s why we…

Giving you a pleasant and positive plant service experience.

And a long-term relationship to enjoy for many years.

Just like Anita,

she writes…

It’s been 14 years,

and it’s always a pleasure to see their creative and beautiful interior  plantscapes.

If you need a referral for indoor plantscape design or service I highly recommend Growing Roots.

Anita Segal,

Segal Insurance Agency, Sherman Oaks, CA

Interior plants that create life and interest you can see and feel

Can you imagine being so pleased with a service person that you’d take the time to write a note like one of these?

Interior plant delivery and installation of indoor landscapes

"Renzo is great! Everything looks so much better since he came to care for our office plants"

Wendy L. Marks and Associates, Calabasas, CA Tweet

"Thank you for sending Merri to maintain our indoor plants. She went above and beyond my expectations! The plants look amazing!"

Georgina H. Westlake Village, CA Tweet

If you would like to work with a plant service company that takes responsibility for plant mistakes, works hard to make you happy, and is focused on you and your needs,

Give us a call or send the contact form today.

We’d love to help!

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