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In addition to the plant prices, plant rental rates, and the cost for interior plant service you’ll also find plant pricing examples and helpful resources on this page:

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Plant Service Cost Estimator Tool 

and Plant Rental vs. Plant Purchase comparison chart

Plant service Cost Estimator Tool

Examples of what you can expect to pay for commercial and residential interior plant services

To start with, we listed here price ranges for the four main areas associated with interior plant services. Because each interior landscape design and installation is different no two jobs cost exactly the same. However, this will give you a good idea of the cost for indoor plants and services.

Cost for Interior Plant Care Service

Interior plant maintenance contract service rates start at $95 a month.
Residential interior plant service prices typically range between $179 and $345 a month.
Office and Commercial interior plant service rates start at $95 a month.
Plant maintenance service for a small to medium size office will range between $95 to $495 a month.

 Service rates are determined by the size and quantity of interior plants to be serviced.

Plant Rental Rates

Office/Commercial Plant rental rates start at $125 a month and could be as much as $350 a month or more depending on how many plants you get.
More details on how the office plant rentals work are listed below.
Special offers and can be found on the Office Plant Rental Page Here.

Plant Purchase

The purchase price for all plants and containers for a small office will typically range between $800 and $2500
Plants and planters for A medium size office will cost about $1500 to $3800 for the plants and containers.
An interior plant installation for a large office or building will range from about $3000 up to $25,000
Residential Interior Plant Cost: For most homes a plant and container purchase average costs are from $1200 to $4800.

Interior Plant Design Cost


A complete interior plant design and space assessment with a written estimate and photo package is $250.
Depending on your situation the design and estimate could be free.
To learn all about our interior plant design service See the Interior Plant Design page.



The following chart shows you the difference between purchasing your indoor plants verses renting your plants. Please note; our plant rental service is available only to commercial customers. If you would like to explore the best option for you we can give you a quote for both the purchasing of the plants and the rental rate for the plants. 

Renting Plants Vs. Buying Plants

A Comparison Chart

Rent your office plants vs. buying plants


6″ Desk Plant

Buy: $17.05

Rent: $2.50/Mo.

Rental includes plant service and free replacement when/if needed.

commercial interior plant service, Plant rental vs. buying plants, large house plant in an office


3′ Floor Plant

Buy: $72.50

Rent: $7.00/Mo.

Rental includes plant service and free replacement when/if needed.

large office plant, tall planter, low light plant


5′-6′ Floor Plant

Buy: $115.50

Rent: $12/Mo.

Rental includes plant service and free replacement when/if needed.

If you would like to get a better idea of how much plant service cost we created this fun estimator tool. You simply chose the plants you want and instantly it gives you the monthly price for plant maintenance service. You can chose as many different arrangements and quantity of plants as you like. 

Request your free Estimator Tool below.

See How Much Plant Service Cost Instantly - With Our Handy Estimator Tool

Just enter the plants you want into the Estimator Tool, and instantly it gives you the monthly rate for plant service!

Plant service Cost Estimator Tool

Request Your Plant Service Cost Estimator Tool Here.

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The above charts and examples gave you a good idea as to how much interior plant services cost. Following we take a more detailed look into how plant prices work. And we provide you with information as to what the best plant value is for your particular situation. 

A Deeper Dive Into Plant and Service Pricing

First we’ll look at plant rental costs, then plant prices.

After that you’ll find pricing information on interior plant design and regularly scheduled interior plant maintenance services.

Cost for Interior Plant Rental Service

NOTE: Plant Rental and Plant Leasing Mean the Same thing

Office Plant Rental Rates and Service

How Interior Plant Rental / Leasing Service Works

All our plant rental prices include regularly scheduled plant maintenance service.

Typically a plant rental program includes one monthly price for the Plants, Containers, and Regularly Scheduled plant care service.

However, just because renting both the plants and containers with plant care service is standard for the industry doesn’t mean you don’t have options.

Lower Monthly Costs with Flexible Plant Rental Pricing Options

To lower your monthly cost we allow you to rent just the plants and purchase the planters. Or you can chose the standard rental of plants and containers. Either way, the plant care service is included. And we’re happy to give you a quote for both.

Plant Rental Rates

The price for office plant rental rates will range from $95 a month to $350 per month or more.

The total cost per month for plant rental will depend on…

How many plants you have

The size of the plants

The type of plants

Look at this Example of Plant Rental Rates for A Reception Area, Conference Room and Executive Area:

Office plant rental prices $195-$250

$195 to $250 a month is typical for a-

Reception Area

Conference Room

and Executive Area


If you’re considering renting plants for your office or building, now might be a great time to do it, because…

We’re offering our commercial plant service customers our “COVID-19 Special” Air-Purifying Plant Rental Package for just $124 a month. If you’re interested, You can check it out Here.


Next up we’ll take a look at indoor plant prices…


Indoor Plant Prices

interior plant prices

Indoor plant prices range greatly due to the massive variety and size options available today.

Plants can be as small as a 4″ desk plant or as tall as a large 10 Ft. indoor tree.

Check-out This Example of Indoor Plant Prices and Sizes

6" desk plant $17.05
4" Desk Plant $5.96
4' Dracaena Lisa, $84.97 low light plant, easy plants, office plants, hard to kill plants
4' Dracaena Lisa $84.97
10' Specimen Indoor Fishtail Palm $595 Indoor tree, large house plants, big office plants, 10' Fishtail Palm
10' Specimen Indoor Fishtail Palm $595

Depending on how and where you get your houseplants will determine the value and enjoyment that you get from them. For some, the best value might be the Do-It-Yourself approach. For others, the ease and convenience of a professional plant service company might be the best option.

Following is comparison of plant sources to help you decide what the best plant value is for you.

What is the Best Value on Indoor Houseplants and Office Plants?

If you’re looking to have several plants in your home or office and you want them serviced and maintained you’ll find it hard to beat the value you get from a professional interior plant care service company.



For example, the prices for Our indoor plants and trees are much less expensive than the high-priced indoor plants for sale online.



And you’ll find that our plant prices are comparable to what you would find in popular “Home Stores.” (similar price, Better Quality & Service)

Take for example this popular desk plant (dracaena cgaigi compacta)

6" dracaena cgaigi compacta desk plant
6" dracaena cgaigi compacta desk plant

You’ll find this desk plant on Home Depot’s website for $16.98.

And on Amazon for $29.99.

From Emerald Coast Plantscapes this desk plant is $17.05.



And it’s…

 Hand selected


 Delivered to your home or business

 And properly installed

Plus, you get fresh moss topping!

So what’s the better plant value? 

You decide…

Only Emerald Cost Plantscapes Installs and cares for your plants…

Amazon and Home Depot don’t.


Where Your Indoor Plants Come From Matters

The houseplants that are found in many retail outlets are often inferior to the interior plants that come from professional interior plantscaping companies.

Go Here to see why house plant quality and source matter, and why you Won’t find Our indoor plants in Home Stores.

You wont find these plants in big box home stores
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Okay, the last two areas related to indoor plant costs are the plant maintenance service and the interior plant design service.

Take a look…

Cost for interior office plant service  Cost for Indoor Plant Maintenance Service

How Interior Plant Service Pricing Works:

The rate or pricing of interior Plant service is based on the number of plants to be serviced and size and type of each plant.

To simplify the cost of plant service we assign a dollar amount to each plant representing the cost of service for a particular plant.

cost of plant service and plant prices listed here

For Example:

large office plant, tall planter, low light plant
6' Floor plant
6" table top plant. $2 a month for service
6" Tabletop plant

A 6’ plant might have a service amount of $10 per month.

A 6” tabletop plant might have a service rate of $2 per month.

The overall indoor plant service cost will vary based on the number of plants to be serviced, the size of the plants, and the type of plants.




If you purchase the plants or you already have the plants and you want them serviced…

An office like the one pictured here with an assortment of 10-12 plants will cost about $95 per month for plant maintenance service.

The monthly plant service rate includes: Regularly scheduled maintenance, Free Plant Replacements, Plus, Quality Control Evaluations by a supervisor.

Plant service price for a typical arrangement 12 assorted plants $95/mo.

And the last cost associated with interior plants is…

Interior Plant Design, Consultation, and Space Assessment Cost

Interior Landscape Design

To really enjoy your house plants or office plants for many years and to avoid common plant mistakes the best thing you can do is Start with an Interior Plant Design.

With a professional interior plant design you get an exact price for the plants, and the monthly cost for interior plant service…

Plus, this is the easiest way to avoid common and costly plant mistakes you could regret. Mistakes like getting the wrong size and type of plants or wasting time searching for plants and trying to guess what are the best indoor plants.

A professional interior plant design will usually cost $250.

After we perform an assessment of your space, we invest thoughtful time and energy into designing and putting together your custom proposal. Giving you the value of having the confidence of a professional design that will save you from the disappointment of costly mistakes.

Mistakes and inconvenience that would likely exceed the $250.00 design fee.

Included with the design you get…

 The price for the interior plants

 The cost for plant maintenance service

 Photo package showing the plants and containers

 Advice as what to do with any existing plants you might have

To Learn more about the plant design and how you can Get one for Free Go Here.

We put together this simple plant service cost estimator tool so you can estimate for yourself how much interior plant service cost.

It’s Easy:

1. Select the plants you like

2. Put in the desired quantity of plants



Instantly you have a total for the monthly cost of plant service! 

This gives you a good idea how much plant services will cost for your office or building.

Ask for the Free Plant Service Price Estimator Here.


Do It Yourself Plant Service Cost Estimator Tool

Plant service Cost Estimator Tool

For an Exact Price on Plants and Service

Just Say...




And in case you are wondering…

Why Plants of the Same Size Have Different Prices

( or plant economics 101)

Why Plants of the same size have different prices

Have you noticed that when shopping for houseplants or office plants you’ll find plants of the same size can have different prices?

These are all the same size tabletop plants in 6″ grow pots




Why is this? Because some variety of plants for indoor grow much slower than other varieties.

The slower growing plants increase production overhead making the plant more expensive to produce. And the faster growing plants decreases production costs making them less expensive produce. 

In other words, plant prices are based largely on the cost of production. Other factors that affect plant prices are availability and demand.

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