Maintenance Service for Your Existing Interior Plants

You have existing interior plants and they need a little extra TLC.

Maintenance Service for Existing Indoor Plants


“We love to care for existing plants”

No Problem!

We can help with the care and service of your existing plants.

In fact. We love taking over the service of your current plants.

And when we do, you’ll be surprised to see how good your plants look!

Interior Office Plant Service for Existing Indoor Plants


Interior plant care service performed by qualified and dedicated plant care professionals

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Perhaps your current interior plant service company isn’t working out so great.


Or, you have too much work to do, and keeping up on the plant care yourself isn’t working out so great either.

Sound familiar?

When we take over the care and maintenance of your existing plants,

Here’s what to expect….

A Consistent Service Schedule

  Fully maintained plants

  Clear and responsive communication

Plus, You won’t have to deal with the hassle of the plant care anymore.

 And you won’t have to deal with the problems of poor plant service either.

Service for existing interior plants


“ Have I mentioned how happy I am with your service –

the plants are looking great.

My only disappointment is that I didn’t hire you sooner.”      

Sandy K. Calabasas                                                                                                                                               

No Hassles

check No Worries

Just Clean and Green Plants

Eye-Popping Flowers

Reduced Stress

Healthier and More Comfortable Environment

Sound Good?

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Your Plants Are Fully Maintained with Each Visit

Indoor Plant Maintenance Service for Your Existing Plants!

We follow a 6-step plant care regimen each time your plants are maintained:

1. Water and fertilized as necessary for optimal health

2. Clean, groom, and oriented to proper light

3. Remove aged, damaged or unsightly foliage

4. Treat for insects or foliage disease if any

5. Wipe-down planters and remove Debris from planters

6.Replace damaged or unsightly plants with fresh new plants


Get Quality Assurance Visits by a Supervisor

Have You Noticed That All Interior Plant Service Companies Are-Not The Same?

Like you, we appreciate and understand the need for great customer service. That’s why we started this business. And…

Of course, the plants look great when they are new.

You expect or at least hope they stay looking that way if you pay for the service, Right?  –

But what if they end up looking like this?

All plant companies are not the same

Because the plant care people are inadequately trained.

Or they don’t understand how to water plants so they last.

And your once beautiful new plants aren’t looking so good.

Or worse…

Your plant company doesn’t respond to your issues.

Leaving You Stuck with Problems like…

  • Water damage
  • Bad Odors
  • Annoying gnats
  • Shabby plants


Now you can enjoy always beautiful thriving plants without the hassle or worry.

 Because with our exclusive 9-Point Interior Plant Care System™ your plants always look their best.

And if you’re wondering…

What If You’re Not Happy With OUR Plant Service?

I have good news!

Because if you’re not 100% happy with our plant service we’ll give you your money back!


Interior plant maintenance contract service guarantees

If you are not completely happy with the service, Cancel the service within 30 days to receive a refund equal to the full month of service. 

Even after we’ve lovingly..






Your existing plants.

We’ll still refund your money if you’re not happy!


Don’t take my word for it:

See what others are saying-

“I had 3 plant vendors provided quotes to add plants and moss walls to my brand new office.

From Day One Growing Roots is the Only Vendor Who Did What They Said They Would Do…

met deadlines, actually listened to what we wanted. (believe it or not. Many other vendors told us what we wanted wasn’t their artistic style and we would have to leave all design decisions to them).

Our office looks amazing now with custom freeze dried moss murals and living plants all around. The team even expedited install and delivery by weeks after my team didn’t meet our own deadlines. I highly recommend!”


Honestly, We have to admit. Despite the nice reviews, We’re not always perfect…

The truth is we mess up sometimes. Nobody likes it. And it’s expensive for us.

And if you ask our clients, they will tell you that no-one responds more conscientiously to get the service back on track. In fact, when or if we mess up

We’ll pay for new plant replacements. No questions asked

This has earned us the privilege of serving clients like Anita Segal for many years. She writes..

We have worked with Growing Roots for 14 years.

The staff is courteous and efficient. We have always had weekly service so the plants look their very best!

Anita Segal, Sherman Oaks, CA

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So, if you’re finally ready to enjoy your plants without the trouble…

And you’re ready to work with a plant company that is focused on you and your needs… We should talk


Interior plant designa and service quote

However, we realize that we can’t be the right plant company for everybody.

And we’re okay with that.


More than once we have ended up not working with someone who asked us for a quote.

And if that’s you, no problem, we understand.

In fact, in keeping with our mission to:


“Leave People, Places, and Plants Better Than We Find Them”


If we’re not right for you We’ll refer you to a competitor that might be more suited to meet your needs.

Okay, I Have to Admit,

This Is Getting Embarrassing Now, But…

Here’s What Some Other Customers Wanted You to Know About Our Plant Service…

Thank you so much for doing such a tremendous job. It exceeded my hopes. I’m absolutely over the moon with how it turned out. Many, many thanks! Sincerely,”

Kim Bessolo/ Bessolo & Haworth llp, Encino, CA

“The Growing Roots staff are highly reliable and trustworthy. A certain recommendation from me.”                                                                                                                     James Rothschild Chatsworth, CA

“ In the past when we used other plant service companies. The plants came in looking nice but after awhile they would lose that new plant luster. But now all our projects look great and new years after the initial installation.”                                                                                                           Lori S. vice president Sales and Marketing for Shea Homes, Los Angeles.

“Have I mentioned how happy I am with your service -the plants are looking great. My only disappointment is that I didn’t hire you sooner. Best regards, ”                                                                                                              Sandy K. Calabasas, CA

Are YOU Ready to Get The Plant Service You Deserve?

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